11 Benefits of Chayote Squash for Health

Who is not familiar with chayote? Vegetables that have a pear-like shape are very popular and easily found in Indonesia. Not only has a cheap and easy price to process, but chayote also turns out to have various health benefits. Here are the ingredients and benefits of chayote that must be known!


Nutrition content of chayote

Chayote or a scientific name Sechium edule is a type of vegetable that is easy to fill because it contains carbohydrates. Even so, chayote has low calorie and fat content. The fat contained in chayote is also a good fat and chayote does not have cholesterol at all.

Chayote also contains vitamins that are also needed by the body ranging from folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Besides that, there are also minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Vegetables that have the name chayote in English also contain protein and fiber. Another important ingredient is apigenin and luteolin which are types of flavonoids.

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Benefits of Chayote for Health

Chayote can be regarded as one of the vegetables with sufficient nutrition. No wonder if chayote has various health benefits. Here are 10 benefits of chayote for health that you should not miss:

1. Lower blood pressure

The benefits of the first and most famous squash are to help lower blood pressure. Regular consumption of squash by hypertension patients is believed to reduce blood pressure. The diuretic effect and antioxidant content in chayote are those that have a role in decreasing blood pressure.

2. Lower cholesterol

The second efficacy of chayote is that it can reduce cholesterol levels. As mentioned earlier, chayote does not contain cholesterol or other types of bad fats. This is what makes chayote a very appropriate choice for those of you who are having problems related to cholesterol.

3. Counteract free radicals

The third benefit of squash is to ward off free radicals. Chayote contains flavonoid compounds in the form of apigenin and luteolin which are antioxidant compounds. Therefore, chayote is very good for counteracting free radicals.

4. Prevent various dangerous diseases

The ability of chayote that can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and counteract free radicals makes chayote as a good vegetable to prevent various types of dangerous diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer. The content of vitamins and minerals in chayote also helps maintain the body as a whole.

5. Blood boosting vegetables

Anemia is a type of blood disorder that is very common. One way to overcome anemia is by consuming blood-boosting foods that contain lots of vitamin B2 and iron, one of which is squash. Foods with iron and vitamin B2 can stimulate the production of red blood cells so that anemia can be overcome.

6. Good for fetal development

The benefits of subsequent squash are both consumed by pregnant women. Chayote contains high enough folic acid which is very important for cell growth and also DNA. Consumption of chayote for pregnant women is believed to prevent birth defects in infants.

7. Increase stamina

The next efficacy of chayote is to increase stamina. Some compounds in chayote are a type of electrolyte needed by the body. One of the biggest electrolyte sources is from potassium or potassium which has a high content in squash.

8. Lose weight

The benefits of other squash are to help you lose weight. If you are doing weight loss by doing a diet, it's good to put squash into one of your diet menus.

As mentioned earlier, chayote is a type of vegetable that is filling, low in calories, has no bad fat content, and is rich in fiber. This is what makes squash can be the perfect vegetable for the diet.

9. Prevent constipation

The next benefit of squash is to prevent constipation. Constipation or constipation is usually caused by a lack of consumption of fibrous foods. Chayote squash not only contains fiber but is also a vegetable that contains a lot of water so it is suitable for maintaining the digestive tract and preventing constipation.

10. Prevent premature aging

The other important properties of chayote are to prevent premature aging. The appearance of aging symptoms before their time can be caused by a variety of causes ranging from unhealthy lifestyles to exposure to free radicals.

The antioxidant content in chayote can fight free radicals and also ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) which are substances from oxygen that are reactive and harmful to the body. Both are the causes of premature aging.

11. Treatment for kidney stones

Chayote plants can also help treat kidney stones. But the benefits of this one squash are not obtained from the fruit but from the leaves. One study from the University of North Florida found that chayote leaves have benefits for dealing with kidney stones and can also reduce high blood pressure.

How to Treat Chayote Leaves

If you want to get the benefits of squash, then squash must be processed properly. Previously it was mentioned that the benefits of chayote can be obtained through the fruit and also the leaves. Here are some ways to get the benefits of squash for health:

1. How to process chayote squash

Regular squash is used as a complementary vegetable on various menus. But if you want to get the benefits of squash, it's best to simply cook chayote by steaming or boiling it. Although most commonly processed by boiling, but young squash can actually be eaten without cooking and made a salad or mixed salad.

The second way to get the benefits of chayote is to drink squash juice. Generally, this method is used to lower blood pressure because it works faster than consuming cooked squash. The trick is to grate the squash or destroy the squash with a blender, then take part of the water to drink.

2. How to process chayote leaves

Chayote leaves can also be enjoyed in several ways. The leaves or shoots of ordinary squash are processed by sautéing. Another way to enjoy chayote leaves is to boil them. If you boil chayote leaves, then you can consume both the leaves and cooking water and provide benefits to the body.

That's the 10 benefits of chayote and how to process squash. Not unexpectedly not if vegetables are very easy to find and cheap, they have many health benefits. Even so, it is important to know that squash can only be used as a complementary food, not a medicine to cure the various diseases mentioned above. I hope this information is helpful!

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