How to Get Rid of Chayote Squash Sap Quickly

When going to make preparations or foods with chayote squash, usually we will be bothered with the sap. Even sometimes it's lazy first when going to cook because the sap is sticky and itchy. But if we know the trick, we can get rid of the sap quickly.

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There are several ways you can try, ladies. You can choose the way that you think is easiest. Read more, let's follow the details below.

Soaked in Salt Water

Peel the squash, cut it longitudinally or according to taste, then soak it in salt water for about 5 minutes. After that knead until the sap comes out, then rinse with water until clean. Chayote is ready to be processed and cooked.

Split and then rubbed until the sap comes out

Split the chayote in half, then rub the two surfaces with a circular motion until the sap comes out. The scallops and fruit sap then can be peeled and cut and soaked in water for a few minutes and then rinsed again with water until clean.

Additional Tips

When peeling or chopping gourd, usually the hands will get sap and become sticky. To overcome this, we can use Blimbing Wuluh to be immediately squeezed to remove the sap. You can also apply cooking oil to eliminate the sap from your hand.

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